In remembrance

E tū remembers Mohamad Moosid Mohamedhosen

Mohamad Moosid Mohamedhosen

Our union remembers Mohamad Moosid Mohamedhosen who died in the terrible attacks on the two Christchurch mosque attacks on 15 March. Mohamed was killed in the attack on the mosque in Linwood.

His family has provided a moving testimony to Mohamad which you can read by clicking here. It reveals a man who came to this country seeking peace and adventure. Well-liked by all who knew him, his family describes him as “an idealist who stood for fairness, justice and perfection” – values we share. We are proud he chose to join E tū and we send our condolences to his family as well as our thanks for sharing details of Mohamad’s life with us.

Vale Neil Couling

E tū life member Neil Couling has passed away after illness. Neil was an Engineers Union, EPMU and E tū delegate at Kinleith Pulp and Paper Mill since 1981. He was an EPMU National Executive member and Senior Vice President. E tū National Secretary Bill Newson said that Neil “played a key governance role as his union faced the challenges, changes and transformations of strategic unionism. At the heart of his hard-working consideration and input was the respect and dignity of working people.”

Our condolences to his wife Aroha and to all Neil’s family, friends, and union comrades, particularly to Neil’s daughter, Stand Up Co-convenor and NZNO organiser Christina Couling, and son in law, E tū organiser David Kennedy.