Keen to serve on your Industry Council?

Our National Executive is calling for Expressions of Interest from any E tū delegates who may be interested in being appointed to our Industry Councils. Under E tū Rules Industry Council delegates are appointed by our National Executive every two years.  

E tū Industry Councils are a key part of our E tū democracy and they have a significant role to play in our industry strategies. Made up of elected workplace delegates from across the country, our Industry Councils meet at least twice a year to contribute to the development of industry strategies that meet the union’s goals and purpose, and to advise the National Executive on issues relevant to its industry. 

We have six E tū Industry Councils and all E tū members are allocated within these six industry groupings: Aviation; Communications; Community Support Services; Engineering, Infrastructure and Extractives; Food and Manufacturing; and Public and Commercial Services.  Each Industry Council elects a convenor who sits on our National Executive and each Industry Council elects a representative to the E tū Conference. 

How to make an application:
To submit an expression of interest application, please click here.
Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 11 November 2022


Watch out for scams!

Phone and online scams are getting more sophisticated, and more people are getting caught out. This has been happening to people across Aotearoa, including E tū members. Often, a scammer will send a convincing email (or even make a phone call) appearing to be a bank or other organisation you belong to, in an attempt to steal your private information or even money from your bank account. Netsafe has provided some useful information to help people avoid getting scammed. Click here to check it out.