Our members in the corridors of power

Labour’s new MPs on Parliament steps

This election has seen a whole new crew of E tū members elected to Parliament for the Labour Party. The new entrants come from diverse backgrounds and have experience from across community life in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Camilla Belich is an experienced employment lawyer who has worked for unions in Aotearoa New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. She has particular interest and experience in industrial relations issues such as pay equity, safe hours of work, and discrimination. Camilla is also interested in transport, clean water, and other environmental issues.

Barbara Edmonds is a specialist tax lawyer and a champion for her local community in Porirua. She has worked on some big government projects including contribution to the Government’s post-March 15 law reforms. She is well known in her local community for getting out there on the front line.

Ibrahim Omer was an E tū organiser until he was elected to Parliament. Originally coming to Aotearoa New Zealand as a refugee after fleeing war-torn Eritrea, Ibrahim worked as a cleaner at Victoria University, where he became a union delegate and Living Wage activist. Since then he’s been involved in all sorts of union and community campaigns, and takes his experience and passion for low wage workers and refugees to Parliament.

The other E tū members who have entered Parliament for the first time this year are:

Ayesha Verrall

Vanushi Walters

Naisi Chen

Rachel Brooking

Helen White

Barbara Edmonds

Angela Roberts

Shanan Halbert

Neru Leavasa

Tracey McLellan

Steph Lewis

Rachel Boyack

Arena Williams

Ingrid Leary

Sarah Pallett

Terisa Ngobi

Glen Bennett

Tangi Utikere

Anna Lorck

These MPs join other Labour and Green MPs who are already E tū members in Parliament, such as Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson, and Marama Davidson. Having such strong representation in Parliament gives E tū fantastic opportunities to collaborate and to campaign for transformational change.