E tū delegate election FAQ

Please read this before filling out the Delegate Election form.

Why is it important to complete and submit the delegate election form?

We need to know your name and your correct contact details so we can:

  • Invite you to education events and delegate forums
  • Contact you about wider union activities and site activities 
  • Allow you to access the delegate portal which contains digital resources and information
  • It is important you understand your responsibilities regarding the Privacy Law – as a delegate you will have access to information about your sites to which general members do not have access
  • Notify the union office or organiser of any delegate resignations or membership changes on your site, including new leaders.
  • The form also clarifies the role and term of a delegate.

What’s my role as a delegate?

The delegate term is two years. During this time, your role is to:

  • represent E tū members in your workplace
  • recruit new members, activists, and leaders
  • engage with members and get them involved to build a better workplace
  • be actively involved in bargaining collective agreements and other union activities
  • keep yourself and your colleagues informed about current union matters.

Who can nominate or second a delegate election?

The nominator and seconder must be:

  • Current E tū members at the time of the election
  • Working on the same site as the incoming delegate, or have the same organiser, city, and group employer
  • The nominator and seconder cannot be the same person.

Where, in the E tū rules, does it cover delegates and delegate elections?

  • Delegates are covered in Section 33, under Part 3 – Structure and Governance of the Union in the E tū rules
  • The E tū rules can be found on our website at: https://etu.nz/resources/e-tu-rules/ .

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