Why I’m standing: Marja Lubeck

By Marja Lubeck

Marja Lubeck is the head of E tū Aviation and is standing for parliament this year. She is standing in the Rodney electorate and has a winnable position on the Labour list. We’d be sad to see her go but she would be an amazing voice for working people in parliament.

E tū has a long, proud history of supporting and representing political parties which uphold the rights and empowerment of working people, like you, and I want to play my part.

When members of the public fail to step forward to press the case for a better life for all, then our democracy is weakened.

That is why I am standing as the Labour candidate for the Rodney seat in the next General Election.

I will be out campaigning in this safe National seat, to shake the complacency of the National party candidate over issues that matter to you, our members.

It has never been more important that we engage in the decision over who governs us. Working people face a hard time in our country. Conditions and wages are very poor for many and our young people look to the future with uncertainty.

That is why I am standing. I want to see Labour values – the values of fairness, decent working lives and peace and prosperity for families presented to the electorate.

These are the messages I will be promoting on the campaign trail. They are also the messages of E tū.

I am campaigning now, and I’ll take the opportunity to urge you to cast your vote to change the Government! Vote for hope, optimism and a better future with opportunities for people to get ahead.

I also ask people in Rodney electorate to support me – you have the power to back my message and your party vote will get me into government.

A close-run race will show the National party that the things I believe in also matter to other people.