Holiday pay

Could you be in for a big payout?

You might remember that a few years ago, a significant error was identified in the way that many employers were calculating holiday pay. Since then, there has been government intervention, many audits, and some E tū members have had significant sums of money awarded to them because of their employer’s non-compliance with the Holidays Act. A big recent development was the DHBs announcing that over $600 million was still to be paid to workers, which includes E tū members!

We believe that non-compliance is still a very significant issue and we think that many E tū members are still owed holiday pay, especially those who don’t have regular hours or days of work, or who work on public holidays. However, even if you work 9 to 5, every Monday to Friday, it’s still worth making sure you’re getting what you should.

What can we do about it?

We’re launching a campaign to get E tū members holiday pay sorted. The first step is to identify members and employers who are likely to have issues with holiday pay.

Click here to take a short quiz to find out how likely you are to be owed some holiday pay.

Click here to read our Holidays Act frequently asked questions.

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